Why Fiberglass

While liner pools will become brittle and fade over time, with an increased risk of the liner being punctured. A fiberglass pool has no liner, which takes away that worry that your children, friends or even the family dog will puncture it. Making the Pool Problem Free!

Your fiberglass pool will come with a Lifetime Structural Warranty directly from Trilogy Pools. With this kind of warranty, Trilogy Pools is pretty sure that you’re not going to have any problems.

Your fiberglass pool uses up to 75% less chemicals because of its non-porous surface, Black Algae can’t get a foothold on your pool. Meaning you won’t need to continually treat your pool with algaecides. This being one of the pricier chemicals to add to a pool. One of the pitfalls to Cement and Gunite pools is that they bleed alkali into the water. They require acid baths to neutralize those acids, which needs to be done every 2 to 3 years. With a fiberglass pool you will never need to give it an acid bath!

A fiberglass pool uses up to 50% less gas and electric because you’re not constantly fighting the pool itself. Making it easier for the pump and filter to keep the pool sanitized, while running less often. The insulation qualities of your fiberglass pool are excellent for retaining pool heat.

Unlike concrete a fiberglass pool is flexible. This allows it to adapt to the many weather conditions that can cause the earth to expand and contract. Concrete will crack during those conditions while your pool will remain flexible and durable.

A fiberglass pool is built with a mold, which makes for faster installation.

With a Non-Abrasive surface this makes your fiberglass pool smooth and not slippery. While at the same time not wearing on your feet like wet and dry sand paper.

You will never regret it when you buy the quality a fiberglass pool can give you!